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Q) What are Rhinestone/Diamante Motifs?

A) We make our motifs with good quality Hot-Fix rhinestones. Hot-fix rhinestones are combined with heat activated glue. This makes the designs easy apply with heat (household iron).

Q) How does my motif stick on?

A) When applying your motif with your household iron. Underneath the sparkly side of the rhinestones, there is a green glue. This glue is heat activated. When holding your iron onto the motif the heat will melt the green glue on the rhinestones this then makes them stick.

Q) How long will my motif last?

A) When applied and cared for properly, it should last the life time of the garment.

Q) Can i put my garment in the washing machine?

A) Yes, it is fully machine washable, when washing please turn garment inside out to protect it.
Please Do NOT wash over 30 degrees. Do NOT Tumble dry.

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